Borderlands 3 Tutorial Matchmaking Fix For Proving Grounds | If You Can't Get Matched Try This BL3

This video is a quick tutorial showing a potential fix for matchmaking in Borderlands 3. For the longest time, I thought that matchmaking was broken for BL3. I’m playing on PC, by the way. I could never find a proving grounds match despite how long I waited. It’s actually a relatively easy fix, however.

In this video, I show the difference between Coopetition and Cooperation mode in regards to matchmaking for proving grounds. The Coopetition group mode did not find me a single player after I waited 2 minutes. The Cooperation mode found me a full team in less than 2 minutes. If you’re in Coopetition mode, this is likely the culprit. Switch to Cooperation mode in the main menu and see if it helps. I tried this solution and it worked perfectly. Same parameters: Mayhem Level 3 and North America Region. Let me know if this fix / solution works for your matchmaking issues in Borderlands 3.


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