Bryan College Station, Texas | Full Episode

The episode travels to the heart of Texas to feel the warmth of the friendly locals. Erik learns how to shoot trap and uncover the secrets to this quaint yet vibrant destination including the George HW Bush Presidential Library, Texas A&M and more!

Beyond Your Backyard is an Emmy award-winning, educational travel series exploring destinations in North America and beyond demonstrating there’s so much more that brings us together than divides us. Emmy award-winning television personality Erik Hastings (Erik the Travel Guy) travels beyond experiences to uncover the soul of every place he visits. Each episode digs deep to educate viewers on the history and culture, delicious food, famous attractions as well as off-the-beaten-path haunts; reminding viewers us how exciting it is to share and understand one another and just how connected we really are.

The series is seen by millions each week on television (public broadcasting stations-PBS and the Create Channel), and online (Amazon Prime, and


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