Bus from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Huanggang Port China #travel #hongkong #shenzhen

If you are planning to travel to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, you might want to try traveling by bus. As there are many step up points around Hong Kong which most will just drive straight to the Huanggang Port and not have in between stops. This service is 24hours so even if you want to travel after midnight it is still possible in both ways, going to Shenzhen or going back to Hong Kong.

Also its cheaper to travel also as it cost only $39HKD with Octopus, but if I was to take the MTR to Lok Ma Chau it would have costed $46.7HKD. Travel time is also much different as it took like 30minutes from Tsuen Wan to Huanggang Port, but if I would take the MTR to Lok Ma Chau it would take 71minutes.

For more information check out this link below.


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