Business Travel As A Working Mom

For the past 18 months I have been on the road once if not TWICE speaking on stages, meeting with brands, and so much more! I’m sharing with y’all what has helped me get through it all all while being a mama of 4. Watch the video to see how I survived it all!!

0:31 – Why have you been traveling for the last 18 months?
1:40 – What are your travel routines or hacks?
2:19 – How do you maintain your health when traveling?
3:04 – How do you spend your layovers?
4:01 – How do you stay productive in transit?
5:01 – How does your family stay grounded during your travel?
6:01 – Which trip garnered your biggest business breakthrough?
6:29 – How does it feel to be back on GMA?
7:36 – What would Rach of 10 years ago say to you now, finishing your 2nd GMA & headed to a keynote?


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