Californian Wildfires force Evacuations and record mountain climb – Today's Biggest News

Huge wildfires are burning out of control through California in the US. Two hundred thousand people have been forced to evacuate their homes including celebs like Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fire conditions are getting worse, but people are doing what they can to help. The wildfires in California have been burning for days and there’s no end in sight with dry conditions and high winds in the forecast. The smoke can even be seen from outer space! More than a hundred houses have burnt down and thousands are still at risk. Heaps of people have evacuated after pleas from authorities.

One of the fires is near Los Angeles, and it’s forced some celebrities to evacuate, too, including NBA star, Lebron James. He says he’s relieved his family are safe and gave a big thanks to the firefighters. He even sent a taco truck to their base camp to show his appreciation. Authorities say they’re doing everything they can to get things under control.

Looks like the UK is headed for a snap election over Brexit. Parliament’s voted to send the country to the polls on December 12th, to hopefully help settle how and when it’ll leave the European Union, which was originally meant to happen back in March. So far, politicians haven’t been able to agree on how to leave the EU and voters are, well, pretty over it.

A Nepalese man has climbed the world’s 14 highest mountains in just 189 days. Yeah, that’s a record. Nirmal Purja smashed the previous record of seven years, ten months, and six days. Amazing. He really could have taken a few extra years.

Richard Simpkin founded World Letter Writing day in 2014 and goes around to schools teaching kids about writing letters. He reckons a handwritten letter is a really good way to communicate, because unlike emails or instant messages which you can write and send off really quickly, you really have to think about what you’re going to say! And Richard reckons, taking a break from technology is good for you!

A father emu and his baby emus found themselves a little lost in the outback town of Longreach, Queensland! In emu families dads take care of the young and he was probably searching for food and water. Luckily big birds are always welcome in Longreach! The streets are all named after native birds and it’s an unofficial rule for drivers to give way to emus!

A girl in Texas transformed her wheelchair into a cop car ahead of Halloween! The Texas kid says she’s always wanted to be a police officer when she grows up. She seemed to have a good grasp of traffic laws. Or at least, how to make pedestrians obey them.

How annoying is it when a giant skeleton emerges from under the road when you’re trying to get somewhere?? No? Never happened to you. Well, some amazingly elaborate sculptures popped up in Mexico City to celebrate the Day of the Dead! It’s a cultural tradition in Mexico where families remember the dead and celebrate life. Oh and wear really awesome costumes!


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