Can Jon Wayne Freeman Become an Aerial Wizard After One Lesson ? | Ultra Core Surf Hour Episode 1

In the first episode of the “Ultra-Core Surf Hour with Jon Wayne Freeman”, which has a runtime of just under 5 minutes, we find our exceptionally-average hero setting his sights at that all-to-elusive area for most surfers just above the lip. “I wanna be a bird. I’ve got wings, and I wanna fly,” says Jon, a man who claims to have “done 360s, just not the air part”. Still, he remains confident that “it’s about will, and not skill.”

If Jon’s aerial aspirations sound a bit unrealistic, you should know that SURFER Magazine was able to pull some strings to get Jon a coaching session with one of the highest-flying up-and-comers in the game: Kevin Schulz. But are a few tips from a punting prodigy with fantastic hair enough to set Jon soaring? Are 360s above the lip not actually any harder than those done on the face? Or will Jon’s journey skyward turn out to be difficult enough to warrant a two-part episode? The answers are maybe, probably not and definitely yes.

Check back for part two of Jon’s aerial quest next Wednesday, and every Wednesday after that as he continues to explore the outermost limits of surfing, and the deepest reaches of the human spirit in the “Ultra-Core Surf Hour”.


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