The car chase from Octopussy (1983) when Bond is driving a Alfa Romeo, with some other music.

Music added:

Bond Meets Bambi & Thumper – DAF
Bike Chase – TND
Trespassers Will Be Eaten – LALD

Non-profit. The movie Octopussy (1983) is property of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc and Viacom International Inc. Copyrights belongs to them.
Car chase / Octopussy (New music)


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  1. You are all real car experts. This is a Volkswagen Scirocco II 😉

    You better watch the movie in HD, makes you see the VW-sign at the front, so you do not even have to use google to realize it is a Scirocco 😉

  2. 0:57 is one of my most favourite moments film moments. Kamal Khan takes so much s*** throughout the film that you can get some good amusement watching his facial expressions every time something goes wrong. Another great moment is when he sees James Bond hanging onto the airplane as he takes off. That is one of the most amusing facial expressions I have ever seen. But here he has just performed flawlessly his great plan to become very rich, and he activated the bomb, but the car doesn't start.