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Must-Do Things Before Flying to Japan

Japan Travel Guide and Must Know Tips Before Flying to Japan. These are the Must-do things you should know before flying to Japan before it’s too late. Japan Travel for some is a once...


JAPAN – Travel Highlights

Video Production, Capture & Edit: Carlos Neto Drone Shots Kindly Provided By: Ivo Domingues Main Sites By Screening Order: Kawaguchi lake (Mount Fuji Sightseeing), Ogimachi (Historic Village), Nara, Matsumoto Castle, Tokio (Meiji Jingu Shrine...


TOKYO TRAVEL VLOG | Our First Night!

Welcome to Tokyo millennial family! Night one was super chill, as we browsed around the city we’ll be staying in for our trip. Seems like Jas is good with the Airbnb picking because this...