Cell Absorbs Android 18 Perfect Form Transformation In VR 360° Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Virtual Reality

Cell Absorbs 18 and the Cell perfect form transformation is completed in this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot VR 360° Video. Vegeta allows him to absorb android 18 by knocking back Trunks from stopping Cell. Imperfect Cell is then consumes Android 18 and attains Cell perfect form transformation into Perfect Cell.

After Cell absorbed Android 17 all he needed was to consume android 18 to reach his Cell perfect form transformation. Vegeta could have easily defeated him in his imperfect form, but since Vegeta is Vegeta he wanted a tougher challenge. Krillin could have also stopped the Cell perfect form transformation by destroying Android 18. But after Android 18 kissed him, he clearly had a soft spot for 18 and destroyed the emergency shut down button instead of killing Android 18.

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This virtual reality video was recorded from the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game. We did not create this scene, we only recorded it with our software to show you it in a 360 degree video.

0:00 Trunks tries to stop Cell from absorbing Android 18
0:10 Cell absorbs Android 18
0:24 Cell begins transformation into Perfect Cell
0:47 Cell perfect form transformation

How to use this VR video:
Mobile: Move your phone / Swipe screen
PC: WASD or press the directional buttons in the corner of the video
Compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and any other VR headset.

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