Cell Spits Out Android 18 in VR 360° – Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Virtual Reality Video DBZ

Cell Spits out Android 18 in this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot VR 360° Video. After Gohan beats Cell he throws up Android 18. He can’t handle the damage Gohan gave him and loses android 18 from and turns him from perfect cell back to imperfect Cell.

When Cell spits out 18 he loses his perfect form. Good to see Android 18 is okay after beeing thrown up by Cell. Cell then proceeds to blow himself up after spitting out Android 18. The other clip of Goku sacrificing himself following what happens after Cell throws up 18 will be available on our channel shortly.

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360° Dragon Ball Z VR Video Playlist:

0:00 Gohan knocks cell down
0:10 Cell spits out 18
0:22 Krillin saying Cell spit out 18
0:35 Gohan says how lame

This virtual reality video was recorded from the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game. We did not create this scene, we only recorded it with our software to show you it in a 360 degree video for the very first time.

How to use this VR video:
Mobile: Move your phone / Swipe screen
PC: WASD or press the directional buttons in the corner of the video
Compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and any other VR headset.

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