Chimney Sweeps: Inspection and Cleaning

Chimneys are great for adding architectural charm to a home, but they can cause problems if not properly taken care of. One problem that may occur is having the smoke travel into the home rather than safely up the chimney flue. Chimney sweeps in Los Angeles and other areas know how to properly clean and take care of chimneys so your home can remain safe and clean.

How Often should a chimney be inspected and cleaned?

It is recommended by The National Fire Protection Association that chimneys be inspected at least once a year to clean deposit build-up and make sure clearances are clean and functioning properly. Even if your chimney is used only for appearance purposes, animals may build nests in the flue and other types of deterioration may make a chimney unsafe. Even gas chimneys need to be cleaned. Though gas is typically a clean burning fuel, animals may nest in the chimney causing debris to block the flue.

What Does a Chimney Sweep Do?

A chimney sweep checks the flue for any blockage and cleans build-up in the flue. A visual inspection is made and the chimney is also checked for cracks and other defaults. A special broom is used for cleaning a chimney. After sweeping, another visual check is made to look for cracks in the flue. The firebox and grate are also checked, swept, and inspected. Ash and debris are then removed leaving your chimney safe and clean.

Whether you have use of a chimney sweep in Los Angeles or another area, you will benefit from their services and the safety they can provide for your home and family

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