Christmas 2020 Christmas is About Giving – SAYS WHO?

Who began that BIG LIE? Undoubtedly these with one thing to promote, the fashionable moneychangers! Take a look at the parents about you dashing like sheep to the slaughter, to the “gross sales” and such that they merely can’t afford.

Going into debt actually is not biblical, so why not break away from the trance? The “Christmas” rush is a “drug” pushed by industrial pimps prostituting a supposedly Christian vacation for his or her ungodly earnings! They maintain fingers across the money register and sing, “What a buddy we now have in Jesus.”

The entire concept of giving items has gotten out of hand. First: it isn’t Jesus’ birthday. Second: the clever males did not trade items amongst one another however gave their items match for a King to the King of the Jews (two years outdated and dwelling in a home at the moment – which is why Herod slaughtered the kids two years and beneath attempting to abort the Messiah’s ascension to David’s Throne).

If Christmas is meant to be about Christ (and a few sincerely imagine it’s, nonetheless in denial that it is a pagan vacation God desires no a part of), why let Santa steal the present? Why do people fake they care that Jesus was born once they deny His life the remainder of the yr? Why do people get indignant whenever you point out these information and so they’re not even non secular? The herd does not need their trance damaged, so that they’ll go broke conserving alive pagan festivals and foolishness that would be the demise of many. Too many desire custom over reality, grieved to say.

“Innocent” Christmas celebrations, abominations to God and rejected by Christ, are setting the stage for our worst nightmare: our household and pals are going to be shipped off like cattle, since our international locations are prophesied to undergo nationwide defeat and deportation as a consequence of such idolatrous concepts and tinsel traditions. WAKE UP: Christmas is an ABOMINATION. That is why I now not rejoice Christmas.

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