Christmas 2020 The Last Christmas Present

I was cleaning up around the tree. I found one last very tiny package, under some wrapping paper and ribbons. It has your name on it. Here it is. Read to the end. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a favorite place.

What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are you feeling on your face, your hands, your feet? What are you smelling? What are you tasting? Just enjoy being here. Feel your body and mind relax. This is your sanctuary. Now, remember something that filled your whole being with joy, being loved and gratitude. The feelings are powerful enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Maybe it is a time when someone gave you something that you especially wanted or needed.

Maybe someone forgave a debt.

Maybe someone was there to help.

Maybe it is just a hug.

Maybe it is a birth of a child or wedding.

Let the feeling of being loved, of joy and gratitude fill you again. Relish the feelings. Linger in them. Come back to them whenever you want. Come back to these feeling when your situation seems “too much.’ Remember them when looking for direction. Focus on these feelings will keep drawing similar feelings to you. I hope this execise will allow you to immerse yourself in unconditional love, joy and gratitude.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Now your mission if you choose to accept has two parts:

1. Share this with those you love.

2. Choose these feelings consistently all year.

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