Christmas 2020 Tips on Making Personalized Christmas Cards

Do you know why many people are now making and sending personalized Christmas cards?

First, you can make a whole library of cards specific for any reason.

Secondly, instead of buying a box set of twenty Christmas cards that have only five different designs in them, with a digital photo set you can have a limitless amount of designs to choose from.

In third, the type of greeting card you send is only limited by your imagination. And the beauty if it is in its simplicity – all you need is a digital camera and a computer.

Ok, let’s talk about creating personalized Christmas cards from scratch.

Though this is a time consuming activity and it also requires a bit of creativity, it’s not necessary to worry if you are not the artist you wish you were. The attempt to create something on your own will send the right message across and your hard work and dedication will be much appreciated.

To make your own personalized Christmas cards, you can use materials you probably already have on hand.

For example, use the scraps of left over wrapping paper. How you use it depends on the design of the paper. Pictures can be cut from it and used to form a montage. Or strips can be used to trim the border of a card. Again, the true beauty of Christmas photo cards lie in the fact that it’s not just you that will enjoy the creative process, but your whole family too.

Whether it’s a family portrait for a beloved grandparent who lives far from you, or a cute picture of your dog wearing a Santa hat, professional-looking personalized Christmas cards are simply a photo away.

If you have children, get them involved and help them create Christmas photo cards with a scene from their favorite Christmas film.

For example, you can use something like ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’.

With a little patience and instruction, your child can be superimposed onto Mickey’s body, and be stood next to Goofy or another Disney character. Then you can turn it into personalized Christmas cards and let them send to their friends for a truly unique Christmas wish.

It’s so easy to make as well.

Another benefits of personalized Christmas cards is that you can promote your business with these cards (as marketing material) during the season of a year. There are lots of ways to make your business Christmas cards stand out from the ones your clients will be receiving. One way to do this is the shape of the card itself.

It’s not much more expensive to get cards in shapes related to your business or service.

If you work with music, think of how cute a card shaped like a guitar or violin would be. If you are in construction, what about holiday greeting cards inscribed on a shiny paper wrench? The possibilities are endless!

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