CLIMBERS ARE AWESOME!!! 10 years compilation of crazy awesome climbing

Climbing is nice, psyched, dope, loopy, superb, no matter you want!!! Get pleasure from a number of the greatest climbing strikes with a number of the greatest world climbers…

Climbers identify, so as of look :
0:02 – François Lombard
0:12 – Tony Lamiche flashes an 8a (V11) boulder, Spain
0:21 – Jérémie Pancol & Jérôme Meyer on the identical downside
0:26 – Daila Ojeda on “Ratface” (8a+/5.13c), Céüse, France
0:30 – Mentioned Belhaj on the Gorges du Tarn (8a/5.13b), France
0:37 – Chris Sharma on “Ratsaman vibrations” (prob. 9b/5.15b), Céüse, France
0:50 – Dave Graham flashes “Les Arts du Vide” (8c/5.14b) Kalymnos, Greece
1:01 – Berta Martin
1:05 – Philippe Ribière, Gétu Hé, China
1:09 – Dani Andrada sends “El corazón de Ensueño” (8c/5.14b – 210m), China
1:18 – Lynn Hill
1:20 – Stephanie Bodet sends “Misplaced in Translation” (8a/5.13b – 200m), China
1:22 – Arnaud Petit sends “Misplaced in Translation” (8a/5.13b – 200m), China
1:26 – Mayan Smith Gobat on “Misplaced in Translation”, China
1:30 – Martina Cufar, El Chonta, Mexico
1:32 – Orchidea Leon, El Chonta, Mexico
1:33 – Nina Caprez sends “Initiativa Mexico” (8a+/5.13c), El Chonta, Mexico
1:37 – Liv Sansoz, El Chonta, Mexico
1:42 – Mike Fuselier sends “Las Chicas Tremendous Poderosas” (8c/5.14b) Jilotepec, Mexico
1:47 – Gérôme Pouvreau sends “Las Chicas Tremendous Poderosas” (8c/5.14b)
1:52 – Charlotte Durif sends the “Ladies Final Route”, Millau, France
1:55 – Dave Graham sends “Baston à la maison” (8c+/5.14c) 1st strive, St Géry, France
2:05 – Steve McClure sends “Kabaah” (8c+/5.14c), Shefield, UK
2:12 – Mentioned Belhaj
2:14 – Sean Villanueva sends “Balroc” (8b/5.13d – 250m), Piedra Parada, Argentina

Directed by Guillaume Broust

Get the soundtrack by Linkrust :

Images by:
Bertrand Delapierre
Julien Nadiras
Guillaume Broust

Particular because of:
Vlad Cellier
MyReal Prod & Nico Fabbri

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