Climbing the Mountain: Day 51

After a week and a half we’ve back to a new low! I’m proud of where we’ve gotten to and excited to keep pushing!

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Current lifestyle modifications:
38 minute walk (walking fast as possible while staying under 120BPM heart rate)
2x mobility drills (ankle circles and knee bends)
2x 2 minute grip holds @ 30% of max grip strength
Isometric Holds 3x/week (Single leg swap, Third world squat, Isometric push up, Isometric elevated split squat, RKC plank, Glute bridge, Mindfulness breathing)
No Soda
Daily multivitamin
Fiber gummies
Calorie goal: BMR – 20% = 2,346
Tuesday – one meal with vegetables
Wednesday/Thursday – No fast food, one meal with vegetables, drinking a fruit/protein shake for breakfast, full day of positive eating.
Decreasing the amount of sodium we’re ingesting
Improving the amount and the quality of sleep we get each night.

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