Scholar life may be difficult sufficient with out worrying about the way to pay for costly hire. For Bradley, a university scholar from Jacksonville, Florida, a tiny home was the proper resolution to his accomodation dilemma.

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His dwelling is called Rolling Quarters, partly a play on phrases that pertains to the dwelling quarters on wheels, but in addition a reference to saving cash and the truth that Bradley was capable of assemble his own residence with out following the normal mannequin of financing and dwelling with debt.

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Constructed as a DIY undertaking, this tiny home was constructed for less than US$15,000. With the house now full, Bradley is in a position to focus on his school work with out the concern of hire funds and as soon as his research are full, he has a debt free dwelling to take with him into the longer term.

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  1. This won't ever work for me. I have 19 brothers and sisters and I can't imagine living my life without them. At least I would build huge guest house next to it so they can stay.
    But great idea for young student 👌👌

  2. Him: college student who build a tiny house
    Me: college student who keeps on struggling on solving calculus

  3. Aesthetically it‘s not my cup of tea at all, to put it frankly I find this tiny house extremely ugly, especially from the inside, BUT that’s a matter of taste and very personal. Outstanding accomplishment, especially at this age. All the best for him and his future.

  4. Im no rocket scientist, but the house does not feel safe at all. Imagine if someone tries to break in.

  5. as a college student, it's indeed satisfying to actually see the product of your own creative thinking and to call it your own. he is inspirational. this is my favorite episode by far.

  6. He's so inspiring. I love how polite and honest he is not to mention that he built this house all by himself. That's amazing

  7. These builds are truly inspiring. This young man has been through a lot with his house, even a hurricane!! Seems he has his head screwed on and is a decent chap to boot 👍🏻

  8. I've been watching these videos for a while now and I've always wondered how people get internet in their DIY tiny houses. Can you get reliable high-speed internet in them?

  9. Bradley is a man to marry with. Who finds him anywhere, don't let him escape. Great video, amazing house.

  10. Never commented on this channel before. This one is special for reasons I cannot pinpoint. Hats off to a teens effort in building it & understanding the value of money at such a young age.

  11. Well at least it was a smaller scale home. Can you image the money to fork into repairing an average sized home? Many insurances don"t even cover water damage. Colorado learned that the hard way with the huge rain and hail we had 2 years ago

  12. “Here you can still walk around naked” – That was a bit flirtatious Bryce 😬
    Alligators outside snakes inside. Sounds like hell!

  13. I admire this boy. Looking at damage after such a long time of building? Something terrible. Very nice house for years.

  14. You know he's an accountant when he be like "it was somewhere around [Gives exact total including cents]"

  15. Não entendi uma coisa. A descrição está na língua portuguesa. Quem é o português ou brasileiro?

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