Colombia – The long road to peace after the civil war | DW Documentary

Is Colombia really at peace? Even three years after the peace treaty, there is no clear answer. The documentary charts the ongoing conflict between the FARC guerillas and government, which is still fueled by war and social inequality.

Bogotá, 2016: the year that will go down in Colombian history books. After some five decades of civil war, the Marxist FARC guerrillas and the government signed a historic peace agreement before eyes of the world. It could have ended not only the armed conflict, but also the yawning gap between rich and poor in Colombia. A nationwide referendum at the beginning of October 2016 was supposed to give the government democratic legitimacy for the move and approval was considered certain. But then the unbelievable happened: The Colombian population rejected the agreement with the FARC rebels by a wafer-thin majority. It was a huge shock for the South American country, where the civil war had cost at least 220,000 lives and made six million people homeless. After nationwide student demonstrations, a new, revised peace treaty was finally signed in November 2016. Filmmaker Uli Stelzner followed the dramatic events of 2016 and the difficult process of implementing the agreement. Colombia may officially be at peace, but the country still knows no rest.

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