Cooking Cooking in solar cooker – in 30 min, How ?

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Saurkumbh and many a cooking is shown in this video.
in this video series we are showing how to cook food in solar cooker , yes its really possible , we can cook , roast and bake in a solar cooker .

we have shown cooking following dishes : cake , fish , chicken , idli , egg without water , sweet potato , brinjal , normal potato , khamman dhokla , rice , dal , omlet .. etc
You can make your own solar cooker if you understand the concept clearly.
Solar cooker international Indian representative Mr Ajay chandak, Mr Deepak Gadhia have share their knowledge and information on this channel
You can watch their videos also and enhance your skills.
for more information you can mail us on : [email protected],
enjoy free source of energy , enjoy solar cooking .. solar cooker


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