Cooking Eggless Mango Cake in pressure cooker | no egg | no oven | no curd | no eno

Ideas For Making Cake In Stress Cooker

* Use a superb high quality, heavy and thick bottomed 5 to six litre aluminium cooker.

* Preserve this cooker, just for baking. Don’t use this cooker for stress cooking something, because the metallic weakens.

* Use sea salt or sand as a layer between the stress cooker and pan. This similar salt, you should utilize in your subsequent spherical of baking.

* Take away the gasket (rubber ring) and the vent weight (whistle) from the lid, earlier than you shut the cooker with the lid.

* Prepare dinner on a low flame.
The pan for use contained in the cooker ought to be capable to take dry warmth.

*Earlier than continuing with the recipe, do verify if the baking pan matches contained in the stress cooker.

Powdered sugar
Vanilla essence
Baking powder
All objective flour

* Let a big mango and half a cup of sugar thicken over medium warmth. It would take 5 minutes.
* Combine half a cup of powdered sugar, a cup of oil, two-three drops of vanilla essence and a cup of milk.
* Then sift 1 & 1/2 cup flour, 1 & 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and blend nicely once more.
* Add three to 4 teaspoons of mango glaze and blend. Then bake the cake for thirty to thirty 5 minutes (10 minutes on excessive flame and 20 minutes on low flame).

* एक मोठा आंबा आणि अर्धा कप साखर हे गॅसवर मध्यम मध्यम आचेवर घट्ट होऊ द्यायचे. त्यासाठी पाच मिनिट लागतील.

* अर्धा वाटी पिठीसाखर, पाव वाटी तेल, व्हॅनिला एसेन्स दोन-तीन थेंब आणि एक वाटी दुध छान मिक्स करून घ्यायचे.

* मग त्यामध्ये दिड वाटी मैदा, दिड चमचा बेकिंग पावडर चाळून टाकायची आणि पुन्हा छान मिक्स करून घ्यायचं

* त्यामध्ये तीन ते चार चमचे मॅंगो ग्लेज टाकून मिक्स करून घ्यायचा आणि केक तीस ते पस्तीस मिनिटे(१० मिनिटे excessive flame आणि २० मिनिटे low flame वर) बेक करायचा.

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