Cooking French Pastry Cream step by step video recipe (crème Patissiere)

Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: The real recipe of the classic French pastry cream or creme patissiere, (flavored with orange and rum). Easy and delicious, try it.

Pastry cream cream or (creme patissiere) is used in vanilla slice, puffs, eclairs and all kinds of Danish pastries. Nothing beats a homemade pastry cream. it may not look like it but i can assure you you never tried something that good!
it is plain addictive, once you try it you will never stop making it. you can use it anytime you are baking and its great recipe for kids too. (leave the rum out)

Ingredients used in this video:

3 to 4 egg yolks (based on medium size eggs)
50 grams ( 6 tablespoons) of plain flour
120 grams (1 cup) of sugar
half a vanilla pod
Half a liter (2 cups) of milk
a nudge (2 teaspoons) of butter for the glazing

for the flavoring:
juice of half an orange
3 cl (2 tablespoons) of rum

For large quantities, these are the ingredients needed per liter of milk used:

8 egg yolks
200 grams of white powder or caster sugar
120 to 150 grams of Plain Flour ( more flour mean you will get a thicker and more compact pastry cream)
1 vanilla pod (sliced open with the seed taken out and mixed in the milk)
10 grams of butter to brush the top of the pastry cream before putting it in the fridge

additional classic flavoring you can use are:
coffee extract
Cocoa powder
melted chocolate
spirits like rum or cointreau or even kirsch
sultanas (marinated in cognac)

to convert the measurment in cups and spoon you can use the link below:


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