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mango custard recipe | mango fruit custard | mango custard dessert with detailed photo and video recipe. an interesting dessert recipe made with mango pulp and vanilla flavoured custard powder. it is certainly a better way of making the traditional fruit custard recipe with more flavours and taste. it is basically an extension to the traditional fruit custard where mango pulp or puree is added with the custard milk.

mango frooti recipe | how to make frooti mango drink | homemade mango fruity with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and refreshing summer drink beverage made with raw and ripe mangoes. it is a popular mango drink typically sold in a confectionery store, but it can also be easily made at home with desired mango fruit. it easily lasts for a week and hence can be made well ahead in advance and served for breakfast or an evening drink.

mango burfi recipe | mango barfi | mango coconut burfi recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. an extension to the popular coconut barfi recipe made with sweet mango pulp. it is creamy, rich, flavoured and moist coconut fudge recipe which makes it an ideal dessert recipe for any occasions. this recipe is comparatively a better sweet as it is made with less sweet and depend more on the sweetness and flavour of added mango pulp.

mango popsicles recipe | mango candy recipe | mango ice pops with detailed photo and video recipe. easy and simple ice pops made with mango pulp and coconut milk. it is an ideal kids friendly recipe which is made with just 3 basic ingredients available in every kitchen. it is juicy and has nice mango flavour with a twist of coconut milk and thus making a vegan milk ice popsicles recipe.

mango jelly recipe | mango halwa recipe | mango coconut jelly with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular creamy and tasty jelly or halwa recipe made with mango pulp and cornflour. the recipe is known for its wobbly and bouncy texture which is made without gelatine and agar-agar. the recipe is very similar to the cornflour halwa or bombay karachi halwa where corn flour is used to achieve the halwa shape or the famous wobbly texture.

mango milkshake recipe | fresh mango shake | how to make mango shake with detailed photo and video recipe. sweet and seasonal cold beverage drink made from fresh mangoes, ice cream and full cream milk. it is an ideal refreshing drink for the hot and humid summer season by lowering the body temperature. the recipe primarily uses fresh mangoes to get the consistency but can also be prepared with frozen and mango pulp.

aam papad recipe | mango papad | aam ka pappad recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a traditional and authentic sun-dried mango pulp recipe served as confectionery or condiments. the recipe is very simple and easy to make as it does not contain any complicated ingredients. but can be time-consuming as the concentrated mango pulp with sugar is sun-dried with intense sun heat to form a leathery texture.

mango ice cream recipe | how to make homemade mango ice cream with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular and creamy ice cream variant recipe prepared with the mango flavor or mango pulp. perhaps one of the most popular variant of ice cream recipe especially during the summer season or mango season. the recipe is extremely simple and follows the same steps as any other ice cream with an addition of mango flavor.


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