Combining beans and rice is an concept I got here up with one time once I was making an attempt to think about one thing cool and authentic to do with meals. I took the beans and the rice after which I mixed them with some spice and it turned out good. It simply goes to indicate that taking dangers typically pays off.

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  1. “Then wait for it to look like a sexy robot”
    Are you you talking about…….hemboto (I don’t know if I spelt It wrong”

  2. I think it's spicy fried rice with jalapenos. I think it will be delicious with a lot of onions.😄👍👍💙💙

  3. Hello this dish is from india. Here it's called RAJMA CHAWAL. Rajma is the black beans and CHAWAL is rice. Everyone in north india loves it. Though I am bengali and it's not our traditional dish I have some non bengali friends who absolutely love it, and me too !!! ❤❤❤

  4. How do I tell apart the cumin trees with the cinnamon trees. I know I planted both, but I can't tell the two apart

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