Cooking Sichuan MSG Noodles (味精素面)

MSG noodles – yep, you read that right (a direct translation of the Chinese – 味精素面). They’re a classic dish from Leshan, a great food city a couple hours south of Chengdu. They’re a pretty easy dish all things considered – basically just a mix of MSG, chili oil, and Sichuanese yacai (pickled and fermented mustard green).

We wanted to include this because despite the fact that a lot of people’ve become a *lot* more open with the ingredient in recent years, we’ve seen a number of people online not really know how to cook with MSG. We might do a whole video on the topic one day, but for now, we thought a recipe video would do.

Written recipe’s over here on /r/cooking:

Oh, and huge thank you (again) to Trevor James a.k.a. the Food Ranger for the street food footage of the kabing in there. Usually I like to credit in the video (even though he was awesome and didn’t even ask us to credit him), but forgot the ol’ “courtesy: ____”. So definitely check out his video – that one was from Leshan actually, so if you’re curious what the food’s like there, it’s a nice look:

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