Cooking Stir Frying 101, Chinese Stir Fry Techniques Using Pork and Chili (青椒肉丝)

So we wanted to take a break from recipes, and show you some basic stir fry techniques. These tips and techniques will work for whatever stir fry you want to make, but we wanted to illustrate them with a classic, home cooking stir fry of pork and chilis.

Excuse the lengthy video – there was a lot to get through. There’s also a ton that I wasn’t able to cover, so be sure to check out the Reddit post over on /r/cooking:

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Huge thank you to the the source of the two clips we used in here… firstly, the estimable Wang Gang. That clip was from his Beef and Onions video, be sure to check him out if you haven’t already. He’s awesome. Video here:

And secondly, Felipe Lima for his street food clip. It’s like our go-to clip for street food stir fries, huge thank you to him and you can check out his full video here:

Outro Music: “Add And” by Broke For Free

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