COPACABANA, Walking Tour Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL — Rain Walk (Narrated)【4K】☂️🇧🇷

Welcome to RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil. This is a narrated City Walking Tour in COPACABANA in the RAIN by Wanna Walk in 4k — Today we’ll walk from Sá Freire Alvim Tunnel to Cinema Roxy in a rainy day.

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A Camera Floating Among The Crowd. Walking Around COPACABANA from Tunnel Sa Freire Alvim to ROXY CINEMA, walking across Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, the main street in Rio Zona Sul, which faces the sea and it passes through COPACABANA. Rio is famous for its breathtaking landscape, its laid back beach culture, natural beauty and its annual carnival.

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Rio its huge and beautiful. It may look like a real concrete jungle over a real jungle. This lovely city combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin. The city can be just called ‘RIO’. This is one of the most famous metropolis in Latin America and it’s well known for its cultural offerings including the Bossanova. Inhabitants of Rio De Janiero are called CARIOCAS.

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It’s hard to believe someone is flying all the way to Brazil and won’t be visiting the beach, in particular when there are no low temperatures in any time in the year but, it rains often so this is a great opportunity to see and enjoy Copacabana, Rio Brazil, walking in the rain in 4K

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Rio de Janeiro is probably one of the most beautiful cities not only in Brazil, but in whole South America. A Lot of great views, and many tourist attractions, nature, big city feeling, culture, music, interesting places and more.

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Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city on the South Atlantic coast. This city lives up to it’s famous reputation for glamour, it also lives up to its reputation for crime. The iconic sights of Sugarloaf and Christ statue can be seen from many spots in the city. The beaches, Ipanema and Copacabana lined with hotels and burger joints with a few nice cafes sprinkled in. COPACABANA, Walking Tour Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL — Rain Walk (Narrated)【4K】☂️🇧🇷

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Free Walking Tour Copacabana: We are in Zona Sul (South Zone) including Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema, as well as the districts along Flamengo Beach. Contains some of the more upscale neighborhoods and many of the major tourist sites, such as the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, and Sugar Loaf and Corcovado Mountains. Walking in copacabana.

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It seems that the name ‘Copacabana’ may be derived from ‘kota kahuana,, meaning “view of the lake.”
Some people think that “Copa” has seen its better days, but you wouldn’t know it based on the thousands of people who flock here every month from all over the world. Copacabana is especially popular with foreigners, many of whom “winter” in Rio de Janeiro. WALKING In the RAIN in COPACABANA, RIO BRAZIL (Narrated)【4K】☂️🇧🇷

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Most of the tourists and Cariocas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil residents) congregate from just east of the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel at Posto 2, down to about Posto 5 and, In front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel, is the well established gay section of the beach. It’s marked by the rainbow flag and is a hive of activity on sunny days. The most popular sport on this beach is soccer, and you can find games being played every few hundred yards throughout the day into the early evening. Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.

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