More than 10,000 people have died from the coronavirus outbreak, according to the latest figures. The majority of those deaths are no longer in China, where the virus was first detected, but in Italy. Almost 3,500 people have now died from the virus there and infections in the country have surged past 41,000.
Across the globe, California has now imposed a state-wide lockdown. The announcement in California follows an extraordinary alert from the US State Department. Americans have been told not to travel out of the country under any circumstances. Citizens abroad should return to the US immediately unless they plan to remain overseas.
Other corona-related developments around the world:
– Austria is extending stringent restrictions on movement until April 13. The country has reported more than 2,200 cases and six deaths.
– Ukraine expects to receive ten million coronavirus tests from China in the next two days. The shipment will also include masks, disinfectant and ventilators.
– Hard-hit Iran has appealed for international pressure to bring an immediate end to US sanctions so it can import medicine and equipment desperately needed to fight the pandemic.
– US President Trump has cancelled plans to host the G7 summit in June. Instead, he plans to meet with leaders from the world’s wealthy democracies via video-conference.

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  1. In September 2019 India lockdown in Kashmir without any reason and if someone come out, Indian soldiers Killed him Kashmiris have no food in home and they are died on daily basis Kashmiris asked for help from world and world was quiet taking no action. So GOD send CORONA in us and we have to lockdown our areas that if we come out Corona got us and we could die think about it.

  2. We are confronting a pandemic, all over the world and people takes it as a joke and even though blaming international organizations and governments for their responsibilities. Here in my country Mexico, the quarantine is just like going on vacations, it is amazing watching that developed countries are fighting so hard against COVID-19. We all need to be conscious and take the prevention measures seriously.

    We need to let governments and specialists do their work; we all need to stay at home for all of us.

    Take care of yourselves guys, take it seriously and we will be alright.

  3. I’m in Wisconsin and our liberal governor has deemed everything they like as an essential to stay open. Tony Evers deems it essential to keep his trolley running. Nobody rides it anyways, but if they did ride it I could make an argument for it being one of the most unsafe areas to be. The abortion clinics are staying open. Sport shows are still on. Everything that benefits the Democrats is staying open. See a pattern yet?

  4. Seriously 10,000 big flipping whoop . Maybe we should let God do the sorting . If your to weak to survive a freaking cold then how you gonna survive the flu. The world is not gonna end for a few thousand weak people killing over. We have been having these viruses for a long time. Why is the world shutting down for this one. The world is over crowded . We can't feed every one. So I say let the weak go.

  5. Sadly the United States is telling the ppl the masks aren’t helping but yet want you to turn in masks… they do help and I firmly find it suspicious that they are telling the ppl the masks don’t help… also, I think it was spreading longer then they are saying it had been. How else would it of spread so quickly within a “week”. Lmfao. People wake up, they knew about it for a while and China got rid of their whistle blower. Makes you wonder if China did this on purpose. Anyways, I hope you all stay safe and many many thanks to all those who are helping the sick putting their lives at risk. Stay strong everyone.

  6. And the flu claimed over half 1 million last year so let’s bring in the army to take away all our freedom’s…🤭But the majority of those deaths are older people that already had more than one illness

  7. 14:00 OK, he briefly touched on the fact there is "A LOT OF EXCITEMENT ABOUT THE TREATMENT OF THE DISEASE" using antimalarial drugs. THEN, he gets away from that very important point and immerses us BACK into the world of the seemingly hopeless efforts to contain the spread. You JUST ADMITTED THERE IS A LOT OF HOPE AND SUCCESS FOR TREATMENT!!! Why push our heads underwater after outright stating a TREATMENT(CURE) is already highly touted ?? You should be talking about THAT