Update: All beaches in Orange County must temporarily close over concerns the region is not heeding stay-at-home orders, Gov. Gavin Newsom said April 30. #California #coronavirus #COVID19



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  1. Newsom your a joke, hope you are shutting down protest spots as well. If not we'll just get a bunch of friends together at beaches and parks and tell the police we are protesting. If they don't believe us I guess we'll have to smash the windows of police cars or light them on fire and they will leave you alone. Love the double standard people should sue this guy. IF you want to save people treat everyone equally.

  2. Mr. President, do NOT give my State (California) or any other blue State more stimulus money to bailout their own stupidity in regards to mis-managing their State. This lowlife, POS broke the State and now he wants a handout. Us Californians can manage without. We'll get through without it.

  3. I love how many idiots and ignorant garbage people are down in the chat saying “traitor!/reopen I had enough!” The virus has enough you! That’s why it’s killing everyone! That’s why we stay home. It’s like it goes from one ear to the other. I love that people like that are being punished. It’s so amazing to see them yell, scream and cry haha

  4. California is a result of a Government Coup !!! How ??? Answer: Democrats have been forcing the Mexican Drug Cartel border open for 50 years, because drugs is the biggest industry in California by far !!!! And Democrats buy votes by busing in thousands of sick – no skill Mexicans over the border every day.
    And you pay for all the Medical and Welfare….. The Democrats get the votes, and now occupy the California Government Seats and Senate seats !!! After 50 years of this Democrat Coup. There are now more Mexicans in California than any other race. Newsom is a criminal who jsut a few weeks ago attempted to give the tax payer funded COVID-19 AID Money to illegal Mexicans to secure his Mexican Vote !!!! – and he knows that he is gone at the next election for taking bribes from PG&E just before PG&E burned 60 Californians to death with wild-fires started by PG&E High Voltage Line component which should have been replaced, but Newsom held back that enforcement after taking Bribes from PG&E !!!!

  5. You get a paycheck GAVIN, we don't. Vote this crook out on his next term for being a sell out. Gavin, your fired!!
    68,533 death? How many are those regular old folks dying of the flu like they normally do every year?
    We are allowing these rich crooks to take our jobs, lose our homes, our stability. They will keep extending the stay at home order until they break us because they get a paycheck and we don't…they get
    Government kick back's.
    Govenor Gavin Newsom and all these government officials gets a paycheck and the don't care about us. The only reason they saying that Hispanics and African Americans have the biggest death tolls is because they know they are the group that would cause the cities riots, so they lie to them so they won't riot so they'll fear this plan-demic scam-demic.
    We Americans are allowing these rich crooked to take our lively hood away from us all.
    The hospital are not full anywhere in the State besides NYC.
    We need to protest because they have actually gotten rid of our Constitution.
    Never vote for this crook AGAIN.
    Everyone needs to watch what Sweden is doing to combat the virus and we could do the same thing.
    Our right are being taken away.
    How could it be legal that Hospitals be paid any money for doctor's saying someone has the VIRUS when they don't.
    God has eyes, you might get away with this now on Earth but not in HEAVEN. You crooks will pay for eternity.
    Fight for your right for your jobs.

  6. Hi Gavin are you going to get a piece of the action when the mergers and acquisition companies come through and gobble up all the companies that were not able to survive the shut down? And how exactly is it that all you civil service tonight leave Office with 10s sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars?

  7. The 80 thousand that went there last weekend must have been liberals. They didn't come back this weekend to force their way on to the beaches in defiance to the order. Some ppl were saying they were all of Orange Counties Republicans but I saw thong bikinis flashing which is not what conservatives wear. Leftist Liberal Democrats are for the most part cowards and peaceniks that don't have the balls to resist authority. Someday they will learn that only via civil disobedience will the government stop. We learned that lesson from the Riot, Loot and Burn Afro-Americans who realized that justice comes only with a fight.

  8. The Supreme Court ruled during a small pox epidemic that you can't make people stay home. People are outdoors in the fresh air & the chance of catching anything is minimal. Also, this disease is only a litle bit more deadly than the flu. Screw Newsome & his idiotic policies

  9. @Elizabeth V In his presser, I heard him blowing off the local elected officials and focusing on the input of local Public Health Officials. Who of course are hired by the local City councils or Board of Supervisors and therefore could be fired by same. BUT, who's got the wherewithall to fire a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT in the middle of an "emergency". (City/County Counsel just urinated on themselves.) It appears to me, King G is already laying out the path for his escape by laying it all off on the local PHOs because they have the final word on interpreting/enforcing his executive directive. Yes, they're limited according to King G, but when his overreach is struck down constitutionally or otherwise, then he can back away and say I tried to save all of you and it was a good idea at the time….. You could/should/woulda known better on how to treat your local constituents….. As the stomach turns…

  10. Newsome needs a haircut. But hats off to him for complying with the lockdown.
    For others who don't comply: that is your right. But you do not have the right to infect others. I have worked in healthcare 39 years and well understand the risks of premature opening of public places. Many of you would benefit from a lecture in Epidemiology. Who is going to care for your loved ones when healthcare workers become infected. What are you going to say to your loved ones when there is a shortage of mechanical ventilators.
    Be a responsible American.

  11. We are a FREE PEOPLE … where does this idiot get closing down our beaches here in Orange County? So my family has to travel to Ventura to go to the beach? Look people this is just the beginning of a take over by the socialist party. Vote these Democrats OUT OF OFFICE…

  12. This a$$ hole is giving us things to do this weekend with our children … If we have a view, we can take pictures of the sunset in Orange County… Where Do You Find Idiots Like This? And then the bigger idiots go out and vote for him?

  13. This OC own health officials link shows the virus infiltrated each and every city in Orange County. All 40 cities have cases. I’d say that is good enough reason for concern. https://occovid19.ochealthinfo.com/coronavirus-in-oc Copy and paste the link to a new browser instead of clicking on the YouTube link and then scroll to the bottom of the page. As you can see on OC health officials own data, Huntington Beach is among the highest count of COVID19 cases in the county together with Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine, but all 40 cities have cases. This means OC health officials sent people to a risky COVID19 area. Hope they don’t get in litigations over that after a whole bunch of people test positive after going to the beach, which is one of the main reasons why all businesses follow State-wide orders.