Watch dwell: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is addressing the town’s COVID-19 response. #coronavirus #COVID-19



  1. Google “la county coronavirus.” News came out today about a backlog of random testing that shows the actual mortality rate is approximately .001%. The headline of the articles you’ll find will tell you otherwise but read the articles in full and you will see.

  2. Now that we seen the science has not worked in slowing this down. And that they admit they've decided to make this a seasonal thing and are not working on a shot here(Since Israel has a cure check their news) can we at least try repentance for having been so stupid to think a non human entity has a heart? This is a worldwide event has anyone read Revelation? I am praying for you I love you guys all. May God be with us and may the bride come be witness to what has happened here. To the medical field and our leaders may your eyes be clear your ears be open and understanding may the people stay in your grace thank you all.

  3. When are going to consume in our favorite places
    GARCETTI, you and NEWSON
    Are full of POOP
    You staying in your place in
    Larchmont don't give a DAMN
    ABOUT angelenos
    You are collecting a check

  4. These data experts said there'd be 1.2 million dead by now and they are completely wrong.
    Quarantine for the sick is Biblical

    Quarantine for the healthy is tyranny

  5. Yo en lo personal, no quiero estar cerca de personas que no son responsables, pero si aprenderé a tomar mi distancia especie no manejo tengo que usar el servicio público para ir al trabajo

  6. Hey Garcetti, FYI moron, Why are the Illegals allowed to sell Masks on the street corners? YOU IDIOT!!

  7. "More people died than 911" 911 killed 3000 people and each day on average with no coronavirus 8000 people die. Each day the death rate beats 911. What is this science?! Show us the calculations, not the data!

  8. Our governor and this mayor both are absolute morons I have never seen a fear campaign people wake up they're making us sheep now he's worried about the homeless oh go [email protected]#k yourself

  9. As a person of color I am disgusted by people's thirst and conversations of diversity. Just feels weird having them think of us as props and ego boosters to make themselves feel "progressive". We're a people first treat us like it. We're not that special we don't want to be coveted. It's Creepy. We're in the 21st century the struggle has been over for decades. We'll be fine so knock it off!

  10. I'm in orange county California where do I go.?
    I've called Huntington beach urgent care and I'm high risk in elderly disabled hud apartments and they said it's hard to get covid 19 and to stay home. What on earth ?

  11. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, & California Governor Gavin Newsom, need to have their "Mouth's Quarantined".
    Watching these two with all their "Posturing", is disgusting.
    What is worse, is that the Liberal Media, continues to praise these two.
    I find them an embarrassment, to the State of California.
    Thank you in advance.

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