Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti gave an update on the city’s response to COVID-19 after announcing testing for all Angelenos, even those without symptoms. Story: #coronavirus #COVID19


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  1. Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Rashid Buttar are experts and researchers of Covid19 advised governor lift the lockdown. ER doctors are pressured to put Covid19 and have no protocol for treatment. In Sweden all the death rates are from Nursing homes and due to negligent health care workers, yet they are sending kids to school and running businesses and are envy of the world. Governor just released 1500 sex offenders and criminals, want more money for illegals, and sent millions of dollars to China for cheap masks, when domestically can make them. Doctors want people to go out and get Vitamin D to help strengthen immune system. Media and Governor's using fear to lock up healthy people and closing business without proper financial support, is PURE EVIL.

  2. No mayor barfecetti… what’s ur plan to test everyone and follow them???? And not in a few weeks u idiot may 15th is two weeks away and u better open up soon. What r u trying to do break the system up? Idiot u and the governor are f ing this state apart but for what end purpose??????? To ur data gathering I give u my middle finger damn incompetent leaders.