A rally for Donald Trump has gone ahead in Tulsa, Oklahoma despite six staff members testing positive to COVID-19.

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  1. ‘One of the best electioneering.. ‘. Yes, he’s great at rallies. Pumping up his supporters. Wallowing in their adulation. But that’s the only part he wants to do. He’s been on a perpetual campaign rally for about 6 years now. He doesn’t want to do the presidenting stuff, he only wants to do the rock star stuff.

  2. This guy is a fucking genius!
    Talk about 'crazy as a fox'.
    No wonder New Yorkers have dominated America for 250 years.
    Give the chickens nothing, drive them crazy, wait for the 4th of July.
    His foxes take back the chicken coup.

  3. Show me the results they all love trump nurses and scients have come forward and said that they are lying to us the working people and i can feel its truetrump 2020 if they vote for Hillariies side they will defently take us over

  4. 7news 2 weeks ago:
    People rally for the death of a black man at hands of white man. White supremacy, white privilege rising under Trump leadership.

    7news today:
    Trump aids corona virus comeback with rally.

    Time's up Australia. We need the news with actual journalism instead of the half assed, regurgitated dribble we get from the TV.

  5. Why did this news station support the mass protests, but than are against a rally on the basis of COVID? Why weren't you worried about the gathering of people when it was for something you support?

  6. Ok trying to understand. What is it people actually like about Trump? He seems egotistical highly emotional which affects his decisions and childish to the point of throwing tantrums when he is criticised. Do people really think that he's somehow part of the people?