Counting Down the 10 Best Surf Clips of September

While it’s nearly November, we’ve finally ranked and edited the top-10 best surf clips released online in September. Better late than never, right? 30 days of full-length edits and ADD-inducing Instagram clips boiled down to the best 10 waves, taking up a whopping 2:29 seconds. A time capsule of high-performance surfing, if you will.

Including footage from Panama, Africa, West Oz, Indonesia, California and beyond, September’s edition of COTM is packed with eight barrels, two airs, and loads of stylish surfing. While Nic Von Rupp’s triple section Desert Point drainer in about three inches of water takes top honors, it was a tough call, as Mitch Parkinson’s tweaked frontside full rotation, and Jack Robinson’s West Oz double pit could just as easily have won the month.

#1: Nic Von Rupp | Indonesia
Filmed by: Mendo Dornellas

#2: Mitch Parkinson | Indonesia
Filmed by: Owen Milne

#3: Jack Robinson | West Oz
Filmed by: Luke Campbell

#4: Benjamin Howard | Australia
Filmed by: Dan Scott

#5: Brent Dorrington | Indonesia
Filmed by: Lachlan McKinnon

#6: Johnathan Gubbins | Africa
Filmed by: Justis St John

#7: Brad Flora | Panama
Filmed by: Matt McQueeny

#8: Shane Borland | California
Filmed by: Hunter Martinez

#9: Lee Wilson | Indonesia
Filmed by: Brixton

#10: Harley Ingleby | Australia
Filmed by: Harley Ingleby


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