Officers in the USA have labeled the COVID-19 as a public well being emergency and positioned practically 200 People beneath a 14-day quarantine. NBC’s Sarah Harman stories for Weekend TODAY.
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COVID-19: US Declares Public Well being Emergency | TODAY



  1. I recently bought a product that assures me to teach myself to treat diseases in general with plants. They haven't mailed me but I want to be sure that I made a good purchase (this is the link: I am very distressed since the virus is growing fast and I think Hospitals are not going to be able to handle all cases and I want to be able to assist my wife and daughters. Can someone give me some feedback?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. China is the most rotten country in the world. If they are not stealing they are spreading diseases throughout the world. They are the source of all evil, chaos and misery in the world.

  3. While meditating the word “Thymol” came to my mind. Thymol is the active ingredient in the herb Thyme. It has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.

  4. Talk about fear mongering and cover up!!! Does anyone know the statistics on people who die of flu every year? Or kids that die from botched circumcisions… Up to 81k die from flu and flu related illness and last year 105 kids died from complications or botched corcumcisions… WAKE UP AMERICA WAKE UP AMERICA WAKE UP AMERICA YOU ARE BEING MISLEAD LIKE SHEEP

  5. The corona virus is just as deadly as the as the cold. Just look in to it more and you will figure it out.

  6. I had friend chinese I worry I just feel sad I just feel sorry they live in that so call comunism sorry to see

  7. Shanghai sky u knew it just look up I will see the ring of chinese soul death people laying after laying

  8. They trying steal biotech science know that nuclear bomd is devil thing u play with their devil that is what u get I just fe el sorry citizen of Wuhan

  9. Please spare the United States mainland and send the wuhan evacuees to North Sentinel island to be quarantined 🏝

  10. It is all in the Bible Matthew 24. Jesus said I am the Way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the father but by me. John 14:6 Ask Jesus to forgive your sins come into your heart and save you today. You will have eternal life. Read your Bible tell others

  11. If the US only had 12 cases why would they call it a public health emergency? The fact of it is is there’s a lot more cases out there there’s a lot more people dying there’s probably hundreds of thousands in China and thousands who have died already but they’re not talking about it people you better go stock up on non-perishables in cases of water and lock yourself in your home and do not come out pretty soon this could reach extinction level infection think I’m kidding? Watch what could happen

  12. Everyone keeps blathering about quarantine, while not a word about developing treatments and a vaccine. Quarantine will NOT work. 2 week incubation period, maybe longer. The virus was all over the world before it was noticed. Quarantine makes people feel good. That's about all. Same with those stupid masks. Worthless. How many gun deaths in the USA in the last month?

  13. too bad guns, pollution, cigarettes, fatty foods, and climate change haven't inconvenienced 11 whole people in the US, or they'd be considered public emergencies.

  14. 10,000 dead in U.S. in 3 months from FLU virus. CDC predicts 35,000 by end of Flu season. Its sad how easily manipulated and panicked people get by the media.

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