Winter summit of Crowsnest Mountain.



  1. Another great video. What stunning views of a beautiful landscape. I love the fact you do this alone. There is something quite spiritual in that then back to base camp Van 😊

  2. Great view from summit! Looks like it was rather risky selfy-sticking it most of the way up, though. The selfy-stick glissade worked surprisingly well.

  3. have you ever considered spending a few thousand dollars on a quality mic setup and recording ambient wilderness sounds? some other channels on youtube seem to be doing quite well with that, and since you're making the trips anyways…

  4. "Dead Man's Pass, that must be fun." 😁😁😁😂😂
    This was AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! and UNBELIEVABLE! Seriously, how are you able to do this "hike/mtn climb" holding a camera? Your stamina has to be off the charts. In AWE!
    The scenery & views are breathtaking in many of your videos, but this one is like an episode National Geographic!

  5. The level of effort to keep filming shots walking away from the camera UPHILL when you were that tired was amazing! As usual some of the best on YouTube.

  6. This is gonna be long 😅
    1st thing- omg I love your videos! 💯💯👌✅✌️
    Just curious.. another you-tuber was saying that when we watch the commercials that helps y’all out. So if it’s 2 minutes I run do a quick thing and come back. Do you know if that’s true? Or am I watching commercials for ya for no reason 😂 .. I let my dogs out or run to get a coffee or whatever. But if it is a good thing you might want to mention it. She also said if you’re a monetized you-tuber to go back thru every single video ya ever made and click something on each, so they all get monetization. Binge watching happens- I did it when I found you. Wish I could patreon for you- I’m on the lowest disability pay in America so I need help myself but I sooo wish I could because what you send out to the world via YouTube is Mother Nature & human life at its best.. & watching you ride, climb, fall 😆, cook, talk about amp hours or whatever is a real joy. More people should be out there.
    Lastly – I’m not getting notifications. I finally got one today so I tapped your channel after viewing that one, for anything else and there were several videos there!! Dangit man when you put new content on here we want to know. I re-rang that dammm bell.
    Ok I gotta remember to check your channel. And Even if you think we get tired of seeing you- you’re wrong. Even the little silly stuff is cool! Like how you get the snow off your stuff or your rig.. a bit of what you’re doing on the laptop re games or fun stuff, where ya put groceries, trash, or whatever.
    Alrighty I’m out.. rock on ✌️✌️✌️

  7. Heat up water from a gallon water bottle put back in bottle until warm/ hot.
    Strip down .soap up.
    Rinse using the water bottle over your head.
    Dry fast

  8. The higher elevation reveals the oxygen starved body you are not used to. Even with your excellent conditioning, that van must have looked very welcome. A hot meal and some rest in the mountains can’t be beat.

  9. The more I watch this guys videos the more worthless i feel the life Ive lived. I climbed a mountain like that Id be talking about it for years. This seems to be just another day for this guy. Good for him


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