CS:GO – DreamHack Cluj-Napoca (Highlight/Fragmovie)

Some of the best actions from DH Cluj-Napoca! Hope you enjoyed!
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Footage from DH:


Frags by : flusha, GuardiaN, NEO, f0rest, karrigan, chrisJ, NiKo, tarik, RpK, dupreeh, GeT_RiGhT, olofmeister, fox, EliGE, dennis, Snax, rain

♬ Song name: Feint – Vagrant ft. Veela & Priority One
& TwoThirds – Hunted (Feat. Jonny Rose)

★ Feint

★ Veela

★ Liquicity

★ Priority One
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★ TwoThirds

★ Jonny Rose


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Software used:
Sony Vegas Pro 12
Photoshop CS6
Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
Adobe After Effects

Viewmodel & Crosshair:



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