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1:04 – HellRaisers Big Announcements for Organization
2:17 – Liquid Announce Two New Team Positions!
3:04 – New Swedish eSports and CSGO Podcasts
3:38 – Envyus Roster Change Confirmed and JDM Lounge Nation!
4:38 – CSGO Gambling, Will it Ever END?
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  1. leave tmartn alone, go after phantomlord, who confirmed STOLE 10 MILLION tmartn looks like a saint compared to him and when phantomlord got exposed everyones like whatever, but when tmartn owns a website oh, no we need to drag this out for months on end…..

  2. Eh, gambling was dying ever since the original cease and desists from Valve. The WGC letter only catalyses the inevitable. Personally I'm pretty glad to see it go, cause although I loved gambling (eSports based betting, everything else was shit) there was way too much wrong with it to justify keeping it in the CS:GO ecosystem. It just damaged us in the long run, and while I am concerned with how smaller tournaments will continue to see the numbers and growth it did when CSGOLounge was around, the steady, stable growth we're seeing now is always much more healthy than the fast burst of growth with no lasting impact that we were seeing before.