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  1. I've got good aim from siege and bot ass plays in CS. The one I cant do is be as consistent as him. Theres no way it's just all aim skill getting him to global lmfao. At least my crosshair placement would make some sense. My mans in that demo is looking at walls and not where the first enemy head would be lmfao.

  2. So many cheaters in CSGO. Even with the highest trust factor I still get a cheater or multiple cheaters 1 in every 4 games in nova rank. Some of them have thousands of hours and expensive skins, but that doesn't mean they are "clean". I constantly get the alert message when launching the game that players I've reported have been permanently banned. So sad this MM cheating epidemic is still going on in 2020.

  3. This dude was not cheating. If you say it becouse of killing the guy throgh the smoke at the end your stupid. He just shot where the bomb was planted it wasnt random at all,(sure he got lucky to get the right spot, but with a bit of gamesense you know where to shoot if they defuse) of course he would push and try to stop the defuse if he gets molyed away.

  4. Really this guy is global, cmon man he has total shit aim and bot movement even silvers are better in some situations ofc he cheating but i dunno how the fuck did this guy got global its cause from his aim and movement this guy is garbage , and yeah definitely walling would have made him go this far.