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today i go over some of the csgo 2020 rio major investments and why I think gold stickers can potentially make you guaranteed profit in csgo.
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  1. i really thought you were a big youtuber, with your great editing, great commentary, and great content, but 417 views? goddamn, you are actually a great underrated youtuber, let's hope you blow up in views just like nadeking 😀

  2. Nah, berlin was already overinvested, if it wasnt for the pandemic they wouldnt be so expensive, rio will be even more
    overinvested and covid players arent there anymore to consume the capsules, i do not recomend you investing in it. and about the past major sticker price increase most of them are bought by investors, massively spiked up the price on them

  3. wait so wait until the next major then buy gold stickers and foil team stickers then? not buy the current gold stickers from katowitsa 2019 or berlin 2019? ok How you feel about the goldweb foil sticker? its dipping in price, good time to buy also with the shatterd web case