As we approach the Major it looks like France wants to show their dominance, MiBR finally looking to changes, and KEYD could be back. #CSGO

00:20 – MiBR Roster Changes for Felps
2:20 – ESL Pro League Finals Results (Spoilers)
5:40 – KEYD STARS Return with New Brazilian Lineup
6:39 – Stunna be Sneaky

Lucas1 to MiBR:
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  1. The problem with Mibr is they never want to change the core of that roster. It clearly isn't working and hasn't been for a long time now. Swapping out that 5th player over and over again isn't going to do anything

  2. Its just my opinion maybe im wrong but mibr have failed to utilize felps well…. i just think felps can be a better player if he is trusted abit more n try n open up the sites with fer and taco n maybe even coldzera give felps a breathing space….. felps is under wayyy to much pressure n it feels like coldzera baits felps(or more like a trade in good terms) that’s a good synergy imo… look at coldzera…. he was the best player in world when he used to “trade” taco,…… not a bad thing but ppl dont get it n blamed taco for the losses…
    BEST MIBR ROSTER WAS FALLEN(godfather)(huge respect), COLDZERA(can be the best player in world but needs help to get back to his old ways yeah yeah the jumping awp),FER,TARIK N STEWIE(HE WAS THE PLAY MAKER WITH the fragging power which felps doesn’t he is one of a kind smoke criminal but he needs help like elige and naf help him in liquid)….
    EDIT: sorry for the long comment its just that i feel very strongly about the MIBR ROSTER especially ppl’s reaction towards the player who gets “traded”