CSGO News | Biggest Cheat Investigation in CSGO History, Scream/Kioshima Team Up! FPL Drama and More

Thanks for 5,000 subscribers!!! Here’s some more CSGO Drama.

00:31 – Forsaken Threatened and Steam Account Hacked
1:50 – ESL India Investigating Up to 20 Cheaters at Indian LAN
3:54 – xms Joins Up with Scream and Kioshima! AND MAIKELELE
5:55 – Envyus NA Roster is Struggling
6:27 – Liquid Twistzz Comes Out on His Health
7:58 – FPL Removes S0m and Obo… Then Re-Adds Obo
10:03 – Red Reserve to Sign Draken

Red Reserve to Sign Draken:
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