Don’t let how tired I look distract you from how excited I am for a new Navi member. Hope you all enjoy. #CSGO

00:15 – Navi Boombl4 Confirmed but What Role?
3:15 – The Future of OpTic in CSGO and Esports
4:10 – Byali Leaves Virtus Pro and Signs with Who?
5:30 – CSGO Youtuber Zuhn Banned Again…
6:45 – Chaos in India Video Tomorrow
7:30 – Momma Freakazoid
7:45 – CS Summit 4 Results!

Momma Freakazoid:
Hecz Podcast:
Zuhn Ban:
Byali Leaves:
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  1. Vitality winning liquid isn't an upset especially when Vitality has a winstreak against Liquid and are winning by a fair margine. Liquid is top 2 and Vitality top 5. And we all know why liquid is called chokequid = they lose a lot of finals. In no way in hell this is an upset. On the other hand Furia winning going to the semis is an upset…

  2. I feel like NaVi will suffer for a little while with realizing that Edward impacted NaVi a lot especially by setting his teammates up for success. Overall it's an improvement but it's also a loss as Edward is more consistent and has experimented with IGL and is pretty good at it

  3. This video is pretty dang good – that said id love to watch a more indepth video on zuhn. I think the guy is a big fraud. His fanbase is made up of other cheaters, kids and gullible people i guess. Dont pay attention to them

  4. Edward has been with Navi since the org was formed only time he stepped away was a 4 or 5 month soan where he played with another team in 2013. As a player I don't see Edward going to another tier one team but I can see him being a decent coach or advisor for teams simply due to his experience