Cycling Over 50: (How To Slow Down The Ageing Process.)

Cycling Over 50: (How To Slow Down The Ageing Process.)

We are all going to grow old. Sadly when we do age we also slow down, get heavier, less agile, lose fitness and become prone to certain diseases. As I see it, we can either sit back and accept these changes or we can get on the bike and try and enjoy the ride.

Sadly there is no miracle cure to stop ageing. There is no fountain of youth. The best anyone can hope for is to slow that inevitable process as much as possible. Some people may turn to creams and potions, some may even turn to surgery but these will only deal with the symptoms of ageing and not the root cause. One way of slowing down the ageing process is to get on the bike.

Cycling has all kinds of health benefits. It also turns out that it is pretty good at slowing down the ageing process too!
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