Cycling Over 50: (How To Slow Down The Ageing Process.)

We are all going to grow old. Sadly when we do age we also slow down, get heavier, less agile, lose fitness and become prone to certain diseases. As I see it, we can either sit back and accept these changes or we can get on the bike and try and enjoy the ride.

Sadly there is no miracle cure to stop ageing. There is no fountain of youth. The best anyone can hope for is to slow that inevitable process as much as possible. Some people may turn to creams and potions, some may even turn to surgery but these will only deal with the symptoms of ageing and not the root cause. One way of slowing down the ageing process is to get on the bike.

Cycling has all kinds of health benefits. It also turns out that it is pretty good at slowing down the ageing process too!
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  1. Much wisdom here. Thanks for putting it up. (I am riding a Scott e-bike and a Brompton, one or other, pretty much daily. I am now 73, with a new heart valve, and manage about 20km on a day of good weather.)

  2. I was born in 1946. Still riding my bike regularly and going to the gym 4 days a week. Growing old physically is normal. What s bad is to grow old in your heart! Thanassis Fournarakos, retired Pro Photographer, Athens, Greece.

  3. My neighbor is at 84. On sundays he takes his race bike and rides between 50 and 100 kilometers. Last year I met him during a cycling tour and he told me, he is getting weak. His distance was only 75 km at an average speed of 28 km/h. And another neighbor is 92 and cares some gardens in the neighborhood. An then remember Robert Marchand, he stopped cycling one or two years ago at the age of 106

  4. At 62 I still enjoy riding after decades of doing so. Had to stop for a while 2 years ago after I broke the head of my right arm “humorous”. No laughing matter. But I’m back in the saddle now and trying to stay motivated. What kills me, though, is feeling so stiff after riding – and my right shoulder still gives me grief. Any suggestions?Greetings from Santiago, Chile.

  5. At 66 years of age, I no longer ride competitively but tend to log over 200 miles a week in training rides. While I agree with the contents of this video and the opinions expressed within it, I am often dismayed by just how many out of shape, overweight "older" cyclists I encounter while riding.
    The notion that cycling alone will be enough to keep you fit and healthy is nonsense, if you are paying little attention to maintaining a sensible diet. That said, eating a well-balanced diet with ample protein and lots of fruits and veggies in combination with regular rides in which you elevate your heart rate, will indeed keep you fit for life. Ride On!

  6. Brilliant video, caught me at the right time as hoping to return to cycling following a total knee replacement last year…….E bike sounds like good advice to me, so I had better start saving!

  7. Thanks for the vid. I am 55 and my bike is rusting. Bought it 5 years ago, rode it for a time but work got the better of my time. This vid is telling me to put aside several hours a week to cycle.
    Now I remember why I paused; my favorite bike got burnt in a warehouse fire. But again this is a lousy excuse 😂😂

  8. It helped me with my depression issues. I've had lack of serotonin. No medicals (Velafax) were so effective like driving gravel bike along the Sana river, (Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina). Saved me from suicide, literally. Believe me, guys.

  9. Diagnosed with a Chronic illness a few years ago, cycling, and the focus to keep cycling when my illness allowed has kept me determined to get well and out on the bike. I may have lost a load of form and muscle but I’m keen to get back out – there’s nothing like it!

  10. I started road and track bike racing when I was 14 years old. Turning 63 in June this year, I still ride. But now it's in the beautiful NC mountains. And yes, in my mind I still ride competitive and also aggressively hitting the single track trails with the youngsters And yes, I have fallen a few times and had a hard time walking afterward. My wife always reminds me to not forget, I am not 20 years old. Slow down!

  11. I'm turning 60 this year and dreading it. I've been a lifelong cyclist and reading some of the comments from riders much older then me is quite inspiring. Still not looking forward to my birthday but I'll be riding till I drop.

  12. Anyone who wants to know about aging on a bicycle should Google "Ken Bonner" one of the greatest long distance cyclists ever. At 72, he was doing rides up to 2,000km (Randonneur style…) One story I love was: he was going to go on a 200km ride. He discovered his ride coincided with a 10km run. He joined the run, which was part way though the ride, and finish with a combined time of around 10hrs.

  13. I’m still a very active cyclist at 56 and keep up within reason and keep some races on the calendar every year for goals. Losing my thyroid in ‘98 was a motivator. Our bodies will age, but as for our Minds, that’s a choice.

  14. I am 70 years old. Started cycling 5 years ago.Completed 200 kms in a day with avg speed of 15km per hr.Using Raleigh My Ride, a very cheap 7 gear bike costing 9000 Indian Rupees. Riding regularly 20 kms per day and 80 kims every sunday.

  15. nice video, many things said that are really true. I am turning 50 this year; and I've been cycling – actively – for 8 years now, along with a healthy, mostly plant-based diet, without alcohol, people often guess I am in my early forties or late thirties

  16. I've been infected with the cycling bug ever since the tender age of 31. Here I am, 44 y.o. MAMIL, reading comments from fellow YAMILs (Y for Young) in their 60's, 70's and 80's. Keep it up, lads and ladies. The inspiration we draw from you is enormous and humbling. See you on the road!

  17. Age is a number. I still bike been at it since a child. Champion 3 times in my life with cycling.
    I still hit high numbers in power meter and ride in the season with A & B riders in NYC. I am 59🤠 going on 14…🙋‍♂️🚀🙌

  18. I’ve been riding on and off since the age of 19. I’m 56 now. 2 months ago I was in the BEST cardio vascular shape of my life. The winter has slowed me down…I don’t like stationary trainers. I’m gonna force it’s soon. The mental edge and the confidence I get are amazing.

  19. Thanks for posting this video. You are absolutely correct. I myself is a 57 years old dude with 11 grandchildren but I started running 7 marathons since the last year 2019. Every now and then I get compliments from young people that I look way younger than my actual age(I try to keep away from young girls LOL). Update, today I also started to ride my stationary bike a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping that this summer I will cycle in an event. Longevity comes with regular workout, lifestyle, diet, and surrounded by our good friends. Thank you once again. CHEERS!

  20. I'm just coming up to 52 and started cycling about 3 years ago as I've got arthritis in both hips and it's helped me a lot ,I get less problems with them as my muscles have built up and when I do get a flare up it don't last along.
    Most of all though I'm enjoying the beautiful Somerset countryside which I didn't appreciate when riding motorcycles


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