Dagestan. An unusual place for unique vacation in Russia

Let my Dagestani adventure begin! In this video travel guide, I will show you all the places to visit in Dagestan that you must see. In Russia, this Republic is famous for its mountain views, diverse inhabitants and massive portion sizes. I started by Dagestan travel in the capital city of Makhachkala from whence I drove to the unique and mysterious Sarykum Dune.

After climbing all the way to the top and catching my breath I made my way over very bumpy roads to the Sulaksky Canyon which they say reaches a greater depth than the Grand Canyon! After that “deeply” cool destination, I checked out the Khunzakhsky Waterfalls that drain out from under a very old village by their 19th-century Russian fort. Speaking of heavily defended locals, I went deep down into “The Great Stone Bowl” for an otherworldly experience.

So far we have been looking at amazing views and landscapes but we can’t forget about the diverse Dagestani people. In the city of Kubachi metalworking masters have been creating wonders for centuries. I stopped by Alibeg’s home/workshop in Kubachi to try my hand at it. If you want to order one of Alibeg’s creations check out his Instagram

I sadly said good-bye to Kubachi, but getting up to Beacon Mountain was one heck of a pain in the butt… literally! But once you get there you realize that the next big Lord of the Rings movie needs to be filmed in Dagestan, the vistas are unbelievable! From there I dropped down to the abandoned village of Gamsutl’ to see if there was any life there. And from a vacant city, I went to a very active town called Derbent and naturally took some time to see the famous Derbent Fortress!

Dagestan offers unusual travel experiences (in a good way) and is a very unique vacation for anyone who is curious about Russia.

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Map Locations of everything I showed you:
01:09 Sarykum Dune –
03:42 Sulaksky Canyon –
05:10 Irganai Dam –
05:43 Khunzakhsky Waterfalls –
08:16 The Great Stone Bowl
10:46 Kubachi –
14:13 Beacon Mountain (via Gunib) –
16:32 Lost Village of Gamsutl’ –
17:48 Derbent Fortress –


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