Day trip to Colonia, Uruguay (Light house | Beer & Chicken nuggets | Sunset 🌅)

We stock up on energy by having a pretty classic Argentinian meal the night before – homemade choripan (sausages and chimichurri on bread), pureed potatoes with cheese and cesar salad!

Then we’re off to Colonia! In this beautiful historic town only a ferry away from Buenos Aires, we check out the Colonial town centre and the famous lighthouse, then take a whole lot of very gram-able photos!

It’s a bit cold so we go to a cozy cafe and a equally cozy bar to escape the weather. Then we check out the phenomenal sunset and shoot home.

Who are we?
We are Tom and Yenny, two New Zealand young professionals who have quit our job and are learning Spanish as we travel through South America! We always like to travel on a budget so please subscribe to see all the places we go and all of our stingy ways of going there!

We love cooking, checking out new places, trying new types of food, beer and wine, camping, and anything else that we haven’t tried (outrageous weird foods included!).

Where are we going?
We’re travelling throughout every South American country that speaks Spanish and (if we have money left!) heading up to Central America too!

We would LOVE to hear from you about your experiences in South America, your travel experiences or any other tips or thoughts! Please make sure to comment if you’ve got anything you think we should do while we’re here.
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