A final joint resolution is ready for debate in the European Parliament today and tomorrow on India’s citizenship law, which has been put forward by 560 of the parliament’s 751 MPs. A vote could take place tomorrow afternoon on the resolution that says the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is “discriminatory and dangerously divisive”.

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  1. No family planning.
    Population rising like Hell.
    Politicians are worried about vote banks.
    More people more votes.
    That is all.
    Indias resources under severe burden due to population explosion.
    But no political party ready to talk about population explosion due to vote
    bank compulsions.

  2. I don't know how many times Indian parliament has pass any resolution against any country we don't interrupt in others matter but they all want to interfere in our personal matter. Let see how much power they hold in their hands.

  3. I am from india, this law is dividing our country who can show the birth certificate of ur grand father…!! Who can show the documents of 50yrs old..!!! This is crazy… I think all the MP's shd vote AGAINST CAA, if not millions of ppl might migrate to europe.

  4. NDTV Happy with this new but EU can't do anything in this matter.If they love so much in humanity they can give visa to them why only india should take all burden.And of their many Muslims nation is there and their Sharia law they can leave in Happy