Osaka Red
Strawberry Blonde Marigold
Dusty Miller
Dichondra Silver Falls
Evergold Carex
Solar Flare Pansy

Osaka White
Osaka Red
Yellow Pansy
Duck Foot Ivy

Autumn Colors Rudbeckia
Ambrosia Corn

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  1. Deus abençoe acabei de me inscrever
    Meu sonho era ter uma casa assim pra viver com minha mãe e filha
    Amoooo vocês
    Se eu pudesse queria receber doações das coisas lindas que vocês jogam fora😭😭
    Embora eu seja do Brasil
    Sonhar nunca foi proibido 😭
    Beijos 💋❤️❤️❤️

  2. Joann Fabrics is willing to search their database nationwide for the galvanized buckets you used, but they need an item number or a item name. Laura is there a sticker on the bottom of those two buckets with leaf cut-outs that indicates an item number or item name? If so, can you let me know what that is so I can refer that information to Joann Fabrics for their product search and availability. I really love those buckets and hope to purchase them if possible. Thanks again. Mary Rogozinski

  3. I've just discovered your chanel, and I am like lost for words… ❤ you are like my soul in a video.. this is how I want to be. I finally started studying landscape architecrure in college this year, this was my dream since childhood. You will now be my inspiration 😊
    Love all your passion for nature, beauty of plants and home decor style…
    I will be watching all of your videos for as much as I can

  4. I just love your swag and all the info about drying hydrangeas and foliage. Who needs toys when you have squash and hay bales at the ready! Thanks for sharing all the beauty and joy of your garden and family with us.

  5. BENJAMIN!!! So cute….I was looking at you all the time and did not even mind what your Mama was talking about…:) Sorry Laure, but if Benjamin is in the video, honestly I would just love to look at him….He seems to be your Mini mE for now…..the eyes, the nose, the mouth….But when he grows up, he might get some features of his handsome Daddy too……Aaron, your videos are awesome, the background music and everything…..You are awesome Aaron……Now, let me watch all over again hoping to be more attentive to Laura…:)