DeePoon M2 All-in-one Machine Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses 96°FOV 5.7Inch 2K AMOLED Display

DeePoon M2 Selling Point:
[High-end AMOLED Screen]
Equipped with Samsung 2K AMOLED screen with low afterglow, makes frame more fluently.
AMOLED screen can protect user’s eyes better with much less harmful blue ray energy.
[360°Three-dimensional Space Immersive Interaction System]
360°three-dimensional space interactive system delivers more authentic immersive experience. Furthermore, it provides 2D, 3D and panorama format to be chosen.
[Abundant Game Resources & Movie Resources]
DeePoon Team offers you more than 100 Virtual Reality Games (The VR Games are being updated) and more than 300 Movies. Just enjoy wonderful VR Games and Movie Resources.
[High-definition Frame & Large FOV]
Combines optical amplification technology and image anti-distortion technology together, and Deepoon M2 owns amazing 96ºFOV, giving you a broad perspective.
[Immersive Game Experience]
Operating all-in-one machine makes it more smoothly and gives you a better experience. Immersive panorama virtual reality experience along with surround output can expand your horizon and make you feel like on the scene when experiencing new games. You are not separated from games but being a part of them.
[High-end Five Sensors]
Supports Distancing Sensing, Temperature Sensing, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer. Bring Much Convenience & Wonderful Use Experience.
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