Did i meet Saif Ali Khan in Novosibirsk, Russia?? Travel Russia! (Part 7)

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In this video, i have reached Novosibirsk, third largest city of Russia. I booked a hostel before leaving for Novosibirsk but on reaching, i was not able to find the hostel that i booked.

I took help of locals, but still no one was able to find, we even tried reaching that hostel on phone number but it was not in use.

Anyways, i booked another hostel immediately and went there. Another amazing experience that i experienced is that i was sitting in restaurant and after having food when i went to pay bill, i was amazed to know that my bill was already paid by customer there with whome i talked for just around 2 minutes…

He paid my bill and went without evening notifying me. This is something amazing and i have no words for. This kind of hospitality and greatness among people that i am finding in Russia is totally excellent.

And by the way, i did meet someone who looked like Saif Ali Khan, his name is Aries and we both met in my hostel stay in Novosibirsk, he is very nice and kind gentleman who is always there to help.

It is going great in this journey and many more pleasant experiences are going to come in this travel trip.


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