Grow your own herb garden using supplies you probably already have around the house. This DIY indoor Mason Jar herb garden was easy to do and you can make one, too!

All you need is a mason jar or similar jar. Wide neck is easier than a narrow neck. You also need sand, rocks, soil and seeds. We used basil for our herb garden, but you could use a variety of herbs.

Directions: Fill the jar with about an inch of sand, followed by 1-2 inches of rocks, topping it off with about 2 inches of soil. Sprinkle a few seeds on top, cover with soil and water your seeds a couple times a week. It did several weeks before the basil grew large enough for us to use a few leaves. We also put our jars outside for a couple weeks because our original location in our school room was north facing. Once the basil was big enough for us to use, we moved it back in the house and put it in the kitchen. It looks beautiful and it’s functional!


Cost: Less than $1 per jar

set up -15 minutes
project -10 minutes
clean up -10 minutes
sprout -1 week
leaves -3 weeks
big enough to use -6 weeks

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