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Today’s video is a Dollar Tree DIY 2020. $1 Farmhouse home decor ideas. Modern Farmhouse Decor

Macrame yarn:

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Today’s video is sponsored by Skillshare.

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  1. Love all the DIY'S #Liz. Hope you are doing great!! Love the faux Hobnob Milk glass!!! Great idea!! Macrame cording is so useful and they're making it in such great colors!! Don't know if you remember but back in the 80's the black n white check slip on tennis shoes were popular….that's what the planter reminded me off! 🤣

  2. Absolutely in love with the yarn wrapped pots – look so high end! Definitely trying this! Thanks for the inspiration Liz 🤗

  3. I like them all but since I’m a plant person I choose the pots as my favorite DIY, they look really good, thanks for the Idea, I have all kinds of pots I can spruce up this way

  4. Hi Liz, I’m not sure if you are aware, but there is a channel named “ Sandra Chiesa” stealing your videos they have at least four under that channel name.

  5. Hi Liz! I don't see a link to the yarn like the black and white one, just macrame cord, I looked at the different colors but couldn't find the black and white. Is there possibly a difference t link for that one?

  6. Loved all three projects but I think the "hobnail" vase and spoons will be something I'll add to my project list. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I really like the yarn wrapped planters and the pearls on the vase that you then painted!! I’m a crocheter, so I love anything that has to do with yarn! 🙂

  8. As always, darling DIY,s. Like the beaded vase but not those ferns. Love love love the planters.

  9. The flower pots are my favorite. I just learned a new macrame knot that I can use to put around the pot! I like the utensils but would like to be able to actually use them in my camper. Im thinking I could use a food safe stain on the handle over the stick on letters. Then remove them when the stain is dry to have the word in the natural wood color.

  10. Liked them all but the planterns are my favorite. They are so nice together thank you for sharing

  11. Really cute nice projects which all turned out great. The planters and utensils were my faves!! All pretty abd cute!! I like your style. 🙂😊

  12. Hi Liz what a great idea it's so cute👍👍🤘🌿 that yarn is pretty I love how you made these he did a great job on them thank you for sharing this video I enjoyed it

  13. Hi, Liz!! Cute video!! Loved the utensils one best!! Lucky you to have an RV!! Been wanting one!! Bet it's fun!! Tyfs!!

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